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IJAPBC, Volume 4, Issue 1, January - March 2015

01. Standardization parameters, Internal Transcribed Spacer nucleotide sequence and their anti-malarial activity of Eurycoma longifolia Jack
S. Katib, N. Ruangrungsi, W Chaijaroenkul and K. Rungsihirunrat*.
02. Phytochemistry, Antibacterial activity and Chromosome number of two species of Daphne from Algeria
Messaoud Ramdani*, Takia Lograda, Pierre Chalard and Gilles Figueredo.
03. Anti-obesity effect of ethanolic extract of jasmine flowers (jasminumsambac(l)Ait) in high-fat diet-induced mice: potent inhibitor of pancreatic lipase enzyme
Ari Yuniarto, Ika Kurnia and Muhammad Ramadhan.
04. Indole acetic acid production from Pseudomonas species isolated from rhizosphere of garden plants in Amravati
K.D.Kamble* and D.K.Galerao.
05. Evaluation of Muscle Profiles with reference to Estradiol Valerate in Aged female Albino Rats
Lalithamma A and Changamma C*.
06. In vitro evaluation of Antimicrobial activity of some selected Cyanobacterial extracts against human pathogens
A. Sundaramanickam, S. Palanivel, Sudhanshu Shekhar, S. Kumaresan and T. Balasubramanian.
07. A Review about Dendrimers: Synthesis, Types, Characterization and Applications
Tariq Baig*, Jyoti Nayak, Vandana Dwivedi, Akanksha Singh, Ankur Srivastava and Pushpendra Kumar Tripathi.
08. Natural Nutritional Ingredients hold the key to a Sustainable Future in Aquaculture: Awakening the Indian Sundarbans for self preservation
D. Chakravartty
09. A case study of natural dye extraction and phytochemical screening using the flower Spathodea campanulata
Parthasarathi B*, Lokesh P.
10. Evaluation of anti inflammatory activity of Argentum nitricum, Staphysagria and Ignatia amara in experimental animal model.
Humera Anser* and Rahila Najam.
11. Effect of Guargum on Dissolution and Sustained release of ciprofloxacin in newly formulated Effervescent tablets comparing with five marketed formulations
Ahmed M. A. Massaad*, Hamam S.Badri, Mohammed E. A. Shayoub and Badraddin M. H. Al-Hadiya.
12. Biogrease Based on Biochar from Rice Straw and Waste Cooking Oil
R.A . El-Adly, M. Adel Yossef, Modather, F. Hussein, Enas A. Ismail and Dalia M. Abbas.
13. Effects of Household Processing on reduction of Pesticide Residues in Brinjal and Okra
Subhash Chandra, Mukesh Kumar, Anil N. Mahindrakar and L.P. Shinde.
14. Antibacterial and probiotic properties of lactic acid bacteria from traditional sorghum beer production in Côte d’Ivoire
Aka-Gbezo S*, N’guessan KF, Yapo AE, Dje KM and Bonfoh B.
15. Micropropagation and Phytochemical Screening of Tinospora cordifolia (Willd.) Miers Ex.Hook. F. & Thoms.: A medicinal plant
Anita Sinha* and Sharma H.P.
16. Asteraceae (Compositae) in the Northwest region of Macedonia
Agim Haziri
17. Preliminary phytochemical screening of Pleiospermium alatum (wight & arn. ) Toddalia asiatica (l.) Lam., Atalantia wightii yu. Tanaka.
J. Krishnakumar, S. John Britto, M. Thamacin Arulappan and M. Immanuel Sagayaraj.
18. Effect of Parity on milk yield and dam body change postpartum of Dromedary camel (Camelus dromedarus) under farming system in sudan
Ayman B. Mustafa, Elagba H.A. Mohamed*, Kadiga A. A/Atti, A.M. Abunokhila, S.A Rahmatalla and A.M.A. Elterife.
19. Fatty acids composition of traditional saltedfermented and fresh tiger-fish in sudan
Elagba H.A. Mohamed
20. Determination of Nutritive Value of the Edible migratory locust Locusta migratoria, Linnaeus, 1758 (Orthoptera: Acrididae)
Elagba H. A. Mohamed
21. Ethno-pharmacological Review of Buchhoizia coriacea (Wonderful Kola)
Erhirhie Earnest Oghenesuvwe,Ben-AzuBenneth, Moke Goodies EmuesiriChinwuba Paul and Omonjiahio Innocent A.
22. Anti-hyperglycaemic Effect of Aqueous and Ethanolic Extract of Vernonia amygdalina on Alloxan Induced Albino Wistar Rat
G A Engwa, N R Tagbo, N T Onyeka and I K Obiudu.
23. Effect of dietary supplementation of probiotic and Curculigo orchioides rhizome powder on egg quality parameters and biochemical composition of Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica)
Sathya.C and Murugaian.P*.
24. Pharmacological Research Progress and Prospects of Spider Toxins especially on Ion Channels
Guike Li , Zizhong Yang , Chenggui Zhang, Chenggong Li, Yuanyuan Zheng, Xiumei Wu*, Zhibin Yang, and Yu Zhao*.
25. Taxonomic Study of some Mosses of Doodhpathri (Budgam) J&K, India.
Amarpreet Kour, Anju Rao and Sunita Kapila.
26. Cystatin C: New Functional and Clinical Insights
Pallavi Mahajan* , K.S Sodhi, Rajesh Pandey, Jasbir Singh.
27. Isolation of Cellulosic Material from Drumstick Pulp and Outer Shell of Watermelon and preparation of their acetate and carboxymethyl derivatives.
Farjana Akter, Shahnaz Mahjabin Rifat, S. M. Mizanur Rahman*, Tanvir Muslim and M. Azizur Rahman*.
28. Genotype Distribution of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme insertion/deletion polymorphism in Sudanese Patients with Ischemic Stroke
Lubna Babiker Mekki, Elshazali Widaa Ali.
29. Association of Vitamin D Receptor (VDR) Start Codon Fok-I Polymorphism with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
Sheraz Fathi Saeed Algadal, Elshazali Widaa Ali , Hiba Abbas Elamin, Mohanad Altayeb Mohamed Ahmed, Ebtihal Ahmed Babiker and Lubna babiker.
30. Thyroid function in women with mid and late pregnancy
Nasreen Khalil Abdelhafiz,Elsadig Mohamed Ahmed and Eltayeb Tayrab.
31. Analgesics, Antibacterial and Locomotor activity of synthesised Mannich bases of Quinazoline 2-one derivatives.
K. Byju*, B. Jayalakshmi.
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