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IJAPBC, Volume 4, Issue 3, July – September 2015

01. Larval growth, silk production and economic traits of Bombyx mori under the influence of Nutrilite-enriched mulberry diet
N. Thulasi, E. Bhuvanewari R. Madhavi and S. Sivaprasad*
02. Quantitative and Immunohistochemical analysis of lymphoid cells of swine Immunized with Escherichia coli bacteria
Enver Zenku, Sheval Memishi*and Ljiljana Simonovska.
03. Development of Spectrophotometric method of Saroglitazar in Bulk and Pharmaceutical formulations using 1, 10 - phenanthroline
Manjusha D.Karad and V.D.Barhate*.
04. Screening of Diclofenac for Antibacterial activity against Pathogenic Microorganisms
Rohini Padma and Prameela Devi Yalavarthy*
05. Hepatotoxicity of Aqueous leaf extract of Bridelia ferruginea on the liver of Albino rats
Odunlade A. K., Taiwo I. A , Arojojoye O. A and Lawal T.O.
06. Ameliorative role of Mentha arvensis against the Aluminum induced Oxidative Stress in Albino mice
T. Madhavi, Ch. N. Durga Maha Lakshmi, B. Deva Prasad Raju P. Anusha, B. Mahitha and N. John Sushma*.
07. Corrosion behaviour of Sauropus Androgynus Leaves (SAL) on mild steel in natural sea water
P. Deivanayagam*, I. Malarvizhi, S. Selvaraj and P. Deeparani.
08. Production and Partial Characterization of Lipase from Halo-alkaliphilic Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Tambekar DH, Sandhya Tambekar and PA Bijwe.
09. Development of potential Self-microemulsifying lipid formulation for the oral administration of Curcumin
Naser M.Y. Hasan*, Firas M.Hayajneh, Mohammad A.Khaleel, Sultan A.Alharthi, Husam M.Shahada and Hussein F.Almalki.
10. Comparison of the oral bioavailability of Egyptian silymarin extract with Chinese silymarin Phytosome® drug on liver fibrosis model
M. A. Elhaak, Engy M. A. Elfetoh, Ehab Tousson and Afrah F. Salama.
11. Comparative evaluation of quercetin content in three varieties of Allium cepa using TLC densitometry
Amit Kumar, Deepak Kumar, Suresh Kumar and Richa Shri*.
12. Antioxidant potentials in leaves of Kigelia, Thespesia, Eucalyptus, Peltophorum and Azadirachta.
A. J. Fernandes*, U. Gupta, D. Sharma, A. U. Mankad and H. A. Solanki.
13. A Study on nutritional and technological Valorisation of wild fruits
Hassan Rammal*, Luise Ayoub, Mohamad Salman, and Ali Bassal.
14. Role of Endophytic Fungi in Preservation of Plant Biodiversity
S.S. Sandhu* and Diva Gupta.
15. Microwave-assisted synthesis and biological screening of some novel phenyl Morpholine Benzene sulfonamide schiff bases.
Loganathan velupillai, Prashant P Dixit, M.S. Shingare, Choudhari B R, D.V.Mane*.
16. The Prevalence and Contextual Correlates of Smoking in Opokuma Clan of Bayelsa State, Nigeria
Owonaro PA and Eniojukan JF*
17. Evaluating the Antifungal property of Pseudomonas aeruginosa DSGPM4 species on some food spoilage fungus
Diptendu Sarkar and Goutam Paul*.
18. Preparation and evaluation of lubricating greases based on carbon nanotube
Refaat A. El-Adly , Modather F. Hussein and Alaa Mohamed.
19. A Study on Leaves and Fronds Consumed as Vegetables and Salads in West Bengal State, India.
Sauris Panda
20. Effect of Oral Amodiaquine administration on the urinary electrolytes, protein and bilirubin in Caffeinated products users
Fagbohun A.B.*, Aje A.A. and Olaitan O.J.
21. Isolation and Identification of potential diazotrophic Endophytic Bacteria from Sweet flag (Acorus calamus) medicinal plant
P.Prakash* and B.Karthikeyan
22. Seasonal variations in photosynthetic pigments of three species of Marchantiaceae
Kanchna Devi, Sunita Kapila* and Anju Rao.
23. Phytochemical analysis and in vitro antimicrobial potential of the hydro alcoholic extract from the stem bark of Erythropleum guineensis: test on known resistance phenotypes-expressing strains
Ngoupayo J, Njigou Mawouma AR , Fotsing Kwetché PR*, Matchawe C and Ngadjui Tchaleu B.
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