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IJAPBC, Volume 4, Issue 4, October - December, 2015

01. Exploration of paper industry effluent for isolation of efficient starchy material degrader to promote bioremediation
Anupama Prabhakarrao Pathak*, Ashok Ganapati Lohagave and Mukundraj Govindrao Rathod
02. Antiproliferative and proapoptotic effects of leaf, fruit and stem extracts of Pistacia lentiscus on human colon and gastric cancer cell lines
Maha Yemmen, Phu Hung Nguyen, Malika Trabelsi Ayadi, Francis Mégraud and Christine Varon
03. Fatty acids contents of the edible migratory locust Locusta migratoria, Linnaeus, 1758 (Orthoptera: Acrididae)
Elagba H. A. Mohamed
04. Isolation and characterization of cold-active protease producer from ice factory samples
Anupama Pathak*, Narayan Lodge, Joice Gavali and Mukundraj G Rathod.
05. Impact of management systems and dam aging on growth rate of camel calve
Ayman B. Mustafa¹, Elagba H.A. Mohamed²*, Kadiga A. A/Atti³
06. Metamorphic changes in the profiles of transdeamination parameters in the intersegmental muscle of the silkworm, Bombyx mori.
S. Sivaprasad
07. Isolation of some non polar constituents from the fruits of Faidherbia albida (Del.) A. Chev.
A.L. Fadipe*, A. Mann, V. Dasaba, D.O. Usman and P. Olajide.
08. Investigation of physical and physicochemical properties of nimesulide solid dispersion with polyethylene glycol 6000, Kollidon 25, β-cyclodextrin and mechanisms of their interaction
Vetiutneva N.A., Rymar M.V., Kazimirov V.P., MinarchenkoV.N. and Makiyan S.A.1
09. Effect of food on Bioavailability of Amlodipine in Indian population
Ashvin M. Patel*, Falguni Majmudar, Naveen Sharma and Bhavin N. Patel.
10. Antimicrobial activities of seeds of Diospyros blancoi and Baccuarea ramiflora
Saleha Akter* and Amit Sarker
11. Flame Atomic Absorption (FAAS) and X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) spectroscopicElemental Analysis of Commercial Fertilizers in Iraqi Market.
Abdul Latif Mohammed Rauof, Kafa Khalaf Hammud, DuraidEssaZnad, FarisNawfal Abdul Rahman and Huda Abdul Rahmman Khalaf.
12. Induced spawning of rosy barbPuntius conchonius by Natrum muriaticum
C.Sudha and V.Gokula
13. Biometric analysis of selected Green Leafy Vegetables in fresh water, different concentrations of effluent and Biotreated effluent
Sumayya. A.R and Sivagami Srinivasan
14. Adaptation potential of two common halophytes to salinity stress in the Salt Marshes of lake Burullus in Egypt
A.A. Mohsen, M.A. Elhaak , E.A.M. Hamada and F.E. El-Gebaly.
15. Isolation and Characterization of Psychrophilic Carotenoid producers from gastrointestinal tract of Rohtee vigorsi.
Anupama Pathak*, Joice Gavali and Priya Gunjakar.
16. Isolation and biochemical Characterization of potential thermostable Lipase producer from industrial effluent of oil, dairy and paper industry
Anupama Prabhakarrao Pathak*, Gautam T Kamble, Swati R Jadhav and Mayuri S Sarsar.
17. Isolation and characterisation of potential amylase producing strain from the agriculture waste.
Anupama Prabhakarrao Pathak*, Chanchal S. Jethaliya, Mayuri S Sarsar and Swati R Jadhav
18. The Effects of Different Stages of Pregnancy on some Biochemical Indices
A.T Ogundajo, S.K Adeboye, I.O Baderinwa and O.O Ajayi.
19. Phytochemical and Antinociceptive studies on the leaf extract of Ochna schweinfurthiana (Ochnaceae)
ZYY Ibrahim*, AM Musa, MI Abdullahi, A Uba, AJ Yusuf, MG Magaji, IM Aliyu and J. Ya’u.
20. Direct Solid Disc as a Novel antibacterial testing method Kafa Khalaf Hammud, RyadhRaheemNeema, SuhailaGuffouri
Ali and Issam Shaker Hamza
21. Some Natural Product Extracts as Eco-Friendly Inhibitors on the corrosion behavior of Mild steel exposed to 1.0M Sulphuric acid
M.H. Mahross*, M.A. Taher and M.A. Mostafa.
22. Microwave assisted synthesis and antimicrobial screening of novel 9-(N-phenyl) - 4, 5-(2″, ‴-methoxyphenol)-9H-1,3,6,8,9-hexa-azo-fluorene-2,7-diamine derivatives using bis-heterocyclic chalcones
R. S. Dhivare, S. S. Rajput*
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