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IJAPBC, Volume 1, Issue 2, April - June, 2012
01. Synthesis and Characterization of some Schiff bases and their Co (II) complexes
Dasharatham D and Thirupathaiah A
02. Antimicrobial Activity of Formulation Containing Bioactive Extract of Endocarp of Randia spinosa
Tilloo SK*, Bodhankar MM, Waikar SB and Pande VB
03. A Ethnomedicinal Review on Arisaema tortuosum
Hemlata Verma*, VK Lal, KK Pant2 and Nidhi Soni
04. Standardisaztion of Cissampelos Pareira by HPTLC Finger Print Analysis
Sadhis Kumar and B. Samuel Thavmani
05. Antimicrobial properties of the Ethyl acetate extract of the stem bark of Nauclea latifolia
Chinedu Fredrick Anowi, Nnabuife Chinedu Cardinal, Chibeze Ike and Emmanuel Ezeokafor
06. Pharmacological potential of Trichosanthes dioica: Current prospects
Gohil Kashmira J, Shende Varsha M and Hamdulay Naeem M
07. Ultrasonic Studies of Some Substituted Heterocyclic Drug such as Phenytoin, Idoquinol and Chlorothalidon in Dioxane-Water and DMF-Water Mixture
GD Tambatkar*
08. Therapeutic potentials of Callistemon lanceolatus DC
Sanjita Das and Uttam Singh*
09. Wound Healing Activity of Indigofera Enneaphylla Linn
M. Sivagamy*, NS. Jeganathan, R. Manavalan and R. Senthamarai
10. Chemical modification of styrene based polymers with attaching antimicrobial 4-hydroxybenzoic acid group as a side chain
Mehrdad Mahkam
11. Structural Studies on Cu [II] Complexes of Some Schiff Bases by Spectroscopic and Single Crystal X - Ray Diffraction Techniques
Dasharatham D
12. Air pollution by automobiles of Existing situation in Mysore city
Harish M
13. Synthesis and Characterization of Complexes of Schiff Bases of Transition Metals
Seema I Habib and Praffullakumar A Kulkarni
14. Formulation of Extended Release of Etoricoxib Tablets by Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Polymers
Chitra Karthikeyini. S*, Abirami. A and Sachin Sundar. N
15. Synthesis and Characterization of Bis-heteroyclic Derivatives of 1-(3-Chlorophenyl)-Pyrrolidine-2, 5-Dione
SS. Rajput
16. Hepatoprotective activity of Costus igneus against Paracetamol induced liver damage
Nimmy Chacko* and CS Shastry
17. Formulation and Standardisation of Herbal Based Edible Ink
M. Ram Kumar?`, P. Priya, R. Lakshmi, Annapoorna Vadivelu and V.Gopal
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