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International Journal of Advances in Pharmacy, Biology and Chemistry
ISSN- 2277 - 4688
IJAPBC, Volume 5, Issue 4, October - December, 2016

01. A degradation study of Aniracetam into its precursor including degradation pathway and identification with RP-HPLC method validation and LC/MS
Kamlesh M. Patel, Upendra R. Patel, Ashaben D. Patel* and Pradhuman A. Parmar
02. Impact of Silver Nanoparticles on Pathogenic Bacteria
S. Gaherwal, Anamika Jaiswal, M. M. Prakash* and Netram Kaurav
03. A New Colorimetric kinetic method for determination of Scopolamine butylbromide based on the cholinesterase activity inhibition
M.Ye Blazheyevskіy, O.V. Koval’ska National University of Pharmacy, Kharkiv, Ukraine.
04. Evaluation of the Antiulcer Properties of Castor Plants Indigenous to Kerala
Ashwathy G, Sheela D
05. A Study of lambdacyalothrin intoxication on protein content of fresh water bivalve Lamellidens marginallis (Lamarck)
Resham Bhalla
06. Spectroscopic, thermal analyses and biological activity evaluation of atenolol complexes with Cr(III), Sr(II), Cd(II) and U(VI)
Mohamed S. El-Attar
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