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International Journal of Advances in Pharmacy, Biology and Chemistry
ISSN- 2277 - 4688
IJAPBC, Volume 6, Issue 2, April - June, 2017

01. Evaluation of antibacterial, antioxidant and physicochemical properties of formulated polyherbal ointments
A.D.A.H. Kumarasiri, H.I.C. De Silva*, G.H.C.M. Hettiarachchi
02. Assessing Thyroid Functions in Children with Down’s syndrome
Eltayeb Tayrab and Emtinan Alkalil
03. Study on antibacterial activity of probiotic organism isolated from raw cow milk of Roorkee region
N.Murugalatha and M. Kanchan Devi
04. Isolation and Molecular characterization of Bacterial Sinusitis from Sudanese Patients
Zolfgar R. Hassan, Hanan Moawia Ibrahim, Fadwa M.Elsheikh and Nagat Abdalla Elawad
05. Serofrequencyof Hepatitis E Virus among Hemodialysis Patients in Omdurman Military Hospital Khartoum-State
Alia Qurashi Mohammed Ahmed, Wafa Ibrahim Elhag*, Huda Ali Mohamed Ali Ahmed
06. Conjunctival bacterial isolates and their susceptibility Pattern in patients undergoing Cataract surgery at Khartoum Tertiary Eye Hospital, Khartoum-Sudan.
Mohammed Abdelgadir Abdelmahmoud and Wafa Ibrahim Elhag
07. Levels of Trace Metals in Washed and Unwashed leaves of Roadsides Vernonia amygdalina obtained in Abak, AkwaIbom State, Nigeria.
E. D.Udosen, E. I. Uwah, I. I. Jonathan
08. Utility of arylidenes in heterocyclic synthesis: synthesis of pyrimidines, 1,8-naphthyridine and pyrazolo [3,4-d] pyrimidine
Mohamed I. Hassan*, Sayed A. S. Mousa, Hamdi M. D. Nasr
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